Bad blog post ideas…

I’ve said this before, I’m not very good at keeping a blog or at least posting consistently.

So, I found myself googling “blog post ideas” and I came across a REALLY long list of ideas. I skimmed them. Some were good, some were okay and then I found these…

Let’s tackle #116 first: Pretend you’ve gone insane, see how long you can keep it up. One, this is offensive to people who have actual mental illness and cannot help when they have breaks or moments where they seem “insane”.

Two, this is a pretty good way to get yourself into a lot of trouble and end up somewhere you don’t want to be (Ex: Jail or committed to an institution for evaluation). Mental illness is not a joke. It is nothing to pretend about and it isn’t funny. It is making light of issues that real people face daily.

Now, for #117: Create an urban myth. Now, on the surface, this seems rather innocent and kind of fun. If I were writing a book or short story, this would be a great exercises. However, let’s consider the dangers of urban myths, especially their example, Slenderman. Do you really want to be responsible for a bunch of teen girls attempting to sacrifice their best friend in order to make your incarnation happy? Thought not.

118: Spread rumors, even if they’re not real. Yeah, no. Just no. We live in a world drowning in misinformation, conspiracies, and outright lies to benefit a small percentage of the population. Just… don’t do this. Honestly, why would someone suggest this as a blog post idea?

In fact, how about we just make a promise to not intentionally deceive the people we supply content for? Hmm? Seems like a good idea.

This list of blog post ideas was incredibly long, 161 ideas total. Of course not all of them will be good. But, let’s not advocate for lying and manipulation to get eyeballs on a website.

So what are some good ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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