Book Riot Interview for The Living God!

I was recently interviewed by for at Book Riot. They asked some wonderful questions, which ended up revealing some spoilers! Not all of the questions were put out for the public (probably because of the spoilers), so I thought I’d share them and my answers with you here. WARNING: Spoilers. To see the questions I did answer with no spoilers, click here to go to Book Riot. Read on for the others!


What do you think of Darshan, who brings rebellion and who the people love, but Saran hates? I love Darshan because he is a complicated character. By the end of the book it is impossible to tell if his intentions are noble or selfish. Is he just another Yarin or would he do right by the people–even while becoming king through nefarious means? By the end of the book, it is hard for Saran to tell what his intentions are. She just knows she can no longer trust him.

Saran cares about doing what is best for her kingdom, even if they hate her. That’s why she was willing to give the throne to Darshan before. Even though he betrayed her, he has the trust of the people. When Saran realizes she cannot escape becoming queen, she wishes to rule without extending or compounding the tensions between the crown and the people. She needs Darshan whether or not she likes him and she is willing to sacrifice her future and happiness for peace.

THE LIVING GOD also discusses who maintains systems of oppression, from the obvious like Yarin to the not-so-obvious like Madam Ophelia. How does one fight oppression and suppression when it’s pervasive? Sometimes fighting oppression and/or suppression feels hopeless–especially when we have no real power ourselves. For those without authority, I think the only way to fight is by pushing forward, speaking up, and doing the right thing against all odds. It may feel like a wave crashing uselessly against a rock over and over, but the rock changes shape with time. Just keep going–keep fighting. I think that goes for anything in life, from oppression and suppression to career goals or health issues.

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