Book Review: Borehole Bazaar by Kendra Namednil

Cover for Borehole Bazaar by Kendra Namednil

This book is not for the faint of heart. It is brutal, violent, and heavily detailed in its violence. I’m not saying that as a negative. The writing is lyrical, beautiful, and vivid. This is not a book that just anyone can pick up and enjoy, especially those that I know who shy away from gore or violence. I commend Namednil for exploring and walking a path of writing that few authors have the guts to tread. I, as a writer, am unsure if I could go there as she did. She pulls back the veil of niceties and colorful whimsy so often found in fantasy and shines a bright, beaming light on the brutal nature of creatures that view others as lesser than themselves. I look forward to reading more of her work.

About Borehole Bazaar:

Borehole Bazaar is a Fantasy book set in a world of brutality and inter-species tensions, where the softer, more civilized races sit at the pinnacle of their society while the harder, more feral races are unable to climb above their squalor. The book follows Ptielieren, and elf of the highest lineage, as he and his companions are forcibly brought into the culture and family group of a den of bugbears. His pride and self-righteous wrath are mashed in close to the unforgiving reality of a race known for their mercenaries as he is used to educate the den’s cubs on how the softer races think, move and act. Of course, suffering is a prime breeding ground for empathy.

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