Collingswood Book Festival: Story By Sentence Game

Recently I attended the Collingswood Book Festival. I was only able to be there a short while, but my lovely volunteers did a fabulous job manning the table. During the festival, we played a game with some of the people that stopped by the table. The objective was to tell a story, each visitor supplying a sentence to that story. Below is the story that was created. Thank you to those who participated in the game! You made it lots of fun!


Once upon a time…


Faye woke with a start, only to realize she was half an hour before her alarm.


“Oh well,” she muttered, “I’m up now.”


She had no idea what was waiting for her in the kitchen…


“Bagels!” Faye exclaimed as soon as she smelled them. How kind of Arthur to leave them for her. She smeared cream cheese on the bagel, and just as she was ready to take her first bite, it slipped, fell, and of course landed on the cream cheese coated side.


Faye was resilient though, she didn’t let it bother her. She just tossed the bagel, cleaned the floor, and resolved to exercise quickly before her adventurous day ahead.


The day began with a moment of prayer.


* * *


Today Kaeden came to the book festival for the sixth time, he was only eight! Raeven was silent next to him. Kaylen and Daja’hai attended the book festival for the first time. They were excited and overjoyed to see so much!


Faye greeted them at the door and told them about all the wonderful books. The children ran off to enjoy the fun. Faye began to make her rounds, wondering what magic and power the books would bring.


“Does anyone have ten thousand dollars to give me?” yelled a man from across the room.


One of the children yelled back, “I’ll give you ten thousand dollars for a book about puppies!”


A kid ran into the room yelling, “My name is Stephen!”


Another kid entered the room and shouted that his name was also Stephen.


The third Stephen to enter the room of clones was the same was the others, except for one striking different – he had green eyes.


Faye pressed her fingers to her temple and clenched her eyes tight. “Not again… Every year. Clones. Clones! Can’t it at least be aliens one year.”


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