The Living God – Publication Update

The Living God just wrapped its second round of developmental edits and is moving on to a brief copy edit to review the new material. I’m eagerly awaiting the cover design for the book since my design is being replaced by someone hired by the publisher.

It’s been a great experience so far and I’ve learned a lot. There are a few things that have changed, but nothing major (except the inevitable cover replacement).

Names and terminology that have shifted:

  • Rauke (the creature that lives inside Keleir) is now called an Oruke.
  • Golems are now called Alikons.
  • The Raja of Mavahan is now the Alar of Mavahan.

Two more chapters have been added to the book.

One chapter was removed.

The multiverse got weaved in to be more central to the story and the characters in the first book. It is, of course, an unmistakable part of the others.  

I’m still living in this weird dream state about Inkshares bumping the book from Quill to their main imprint (Inkshares). I’m still not fully able to accept that the book will be getting a fancy new cover and will be sitting in brick and mortar stores. I’m incredibly honored by the opportunity and plan to make the most of any door that it might open. I still don’t know what it means for the other books in the series.

Speaking of the other books in the series, I’m still plugging away on book two. The changes made in the first have got to be added into the second book, but I’m excited to have those things nailed down to better work on the series going forward.

The series was written in its entirety almost six years ago. I started on it over a decade ago. I rewrote the first book three times before finally settling on the one you’ll see soon. So, major rewrites are underway for the rest as my writing style has improved considerably since I began this passion journey and so has the plot. In between writing this series, I wrote one book in another and started many more. I look forward to working on those projects in the future.

As we approach fall, specifically November, I’m really looking forward to NaNoWriMo. I don’t always meet the 50,000-word goal, but I use NaNoWriMo as an excuse to put as much time into writing as possible for an entire month. My goal will be to finish The Book of Kings (the sequel to The Living God) so I can begin the lengthy editing process. I look forward to sharing updates with you concerning the book’s progress in the future!

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