The State of the Union on Book 2: The Ever War

The Living God debuted in May 2019 and since then I’ve been working steadily to wrap up The Ever War

The Ever War wrapped up drafting in November and went straight into editing. My goal was to complete edits by the end of January. But, as I look at my calendar, I see it’s the middle of February and I’m 3/4 of the way there. 

A lot of things go into the sluggish progress. I did a lot of rewriting certain chapters because they just weren’t where they needed to be. December is also a hectic month, given the holidays, and this year we spent over a week in Alabama! 

Still, the progress has been slow going. It’s been hard to find long stretches of time to edit. 

I could edit in short bursts, and I’ve tried. But, I find the two or three paragraphs at a time approach problematic. It’s hard to edit this way when you need the full scope of a chapter to understand what needs to be added or removed. Unfortunately, my time and energy constraints have meant a lot of editing has been done in the two or three paragraph approach.

We’re nearing the beta reading phase, though! I have two (or three) committed people willing to read and provide feedback. My goal is to finish editing by the end of November. 

I’ve got a cover artist lined up to work on the cover, so I hope to get that started in a month or two. I just want to get the editing done first. One project at a time (at least, one part of one project at a time). Who am I kidding, I’m never just working on one project.

After the Beta Reading phase, I’ll dive back into editing to overhaul the problem areas. Hopefully, it isn’t the whole book, haha. 

This particular story makes me nervous. It’s a lot of story and time and ground to cover in one book. 

While The Living God was central to character introduction and development, it was contained to a small stage (mostly Andrian’s castle) and a narrowed expanse of time (over the course of perhaps two months).

The Ever War time jumps us forward by almost two years! It’s been challenging to give the reader a peek into what’s happened to those characters in two years, but also move the narrative forward from when we meet them again. 

Not only that, but half of the book is spent in equal parts the First (Saran’s world) and the Second (a skewed version our world). Lots of new, unique characters are introduced. Some old characters have stronger roles. 

It’s just a meaty book with a lot more action. I’m interested to see how successful I was in accomplishing my goals after the Beta phase. 

Okay. That’s the State of the Union on Book 2: The Ever War

Until next time! 



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