In the Works. A YA Persephone/Hades retelling.

The Twelfth Daughter of Erstwhile Garden–a magic conservatory controlling the seasons of Orion–has only ever had twelve daughters. Until now. 

On the eve of Esme Fisher’s christening as the next Twelfth Daughter to oversee Erstwhile Garden, her twin sister, Hazel, is set to marry Lazarus Hearst, the God of Eternal Rest and Lord of the Infernal. 

During the feast that marks Hazel’s marriage, and when she’s to partake in the sacred Infernal fruit, Hazel gives Esme an apple to eat to celebrate their dual transitions. When the God of Eternal Rest comes to drag Esme to the land of the dead, she realizes too late she’s eaten the Infernal fruit instead of Hazel. 

In the world above, Hazel assumes Esme’s identity and title of Erstwhile Gardener, while Esme and her pet bee, Tulip, struggle to adapt to life in the Infernal. But as the plants of Erstwhile Garden wilt and Orion begins to die, Esme and Lazarus must find a way to break the hold the Infernal has on her soul or lose Orion to an eternal winter.